Specifier FAQ

  • Can I cut and paste from the eCatalogues?

    eCatalogues are Flash driven so you cannot copy text or images from them. However, each eCatalogue carries the source PDF file that you may download. You can then copy images and text from the downloaded PDF file.

  • How many manufacturers/companies can I expect to see on Caboodle?

    Great question, this is where we differ from other electronic reference resource providers. BIBLIOTECA is continually adding new manufacturers’ information and updating existing information on CaboodleLibrary to provide a more complete list of available products to Specifiers, not just the manufacturers that subscribe.

  • If I register for Caboodle, does that mean I will be sent spam email?

    No, when you register for CaboodleLibrary, you will be asked if you would like to receive news and updates from CaboodleLibrary. You may choose not to receive the news and updates.

  • The catalogue I use regularly is not on Caboodle, can I request it be added?

    Yes, we encourage you to advise us of the name and contact details of suppliers you would like included on CaboodleLibrary. We will also approach the suppliers and ask them to consider having their catalogues included on CaboodleLibrary. We have prepared postcards for you to give to manufacturers in the transition period of your library. These postcards give them our full contact information and state that your library is in the process of “going virtual”.  When you require postcards simply email us at  info@bibliotecainc.com.

  • What does it cost the suppliers?

    They may choose a package that best fits their needs - a basic listing without an eCatalogue is free, this enables us to provide you with a more complete library listing.

  • How up to date is the information?

    We understand information currency is critical to you, so the date of update for each eCatalogue and associated PDF file is indicated on Caboodle. We are in regular contact with suppliers to verify and update information to ensure its currency. Being a “virtual library”, updates are much quicker and easier than a paper-based library.

Supplier FAQ

  • What is an eCatalogue?

    It is simply a digital book, formatted with a searchable table of contents. For Specifiers, an eCatalogue has all the benefits of a familiar paper catalogue, with the convenience of being available electronically 24/7. The digital eCatalogues can also be downloaded as PDF files so that Specifiers are able to share them with the project team. Learn More

  • How often can we update our eCatalogue?

    This will depend on the package you purchase. We recommend that you keep your information as current as possible. Updates are an important factor to consider when deciding on which package.

  • Can we have more than one catalogue?

    Yes, depending on the package purchased. There are several packages available offering a variety of options. 

    Click here for information and pricing

  • How easy is it to navigate through an eCatalogue?

    All eCatalogues are formatted to navigate the same for a consistent feel of this tool. This format is a result of how Specifiers currently use hardcopy binders. There is a “searchable” table of contents and a bookmarking option attached to every eCatalogue, making the navigation consistent throughout the entire virtual library.

  • How is Caboodle different or more valuable to manufacturers than Sweets - McGraw Hills Construction or ARCAT?

    This tool is an evolution that happened by BIBLIOTECA’S clients across Canada requesting a solution. It was brought to our attention that there was nothing on the market that completely meets their needs. We assume they did the research of what is currently available on the market. 

    Another comment made was that other services were not complete, that the only listed manufacturers were the ones that subscribed. Specifiers like choices, and needs to know what is available to them. BIBLIOTECA is continually adding new manufacturers’ information and updating existing information to provide a more complete list to Specifiers (this is why there is no charge to a manufacturer to have your company listed). If manufacturers want their eCatalogue to be instantly viewable, then there is a cost involved. This cost is much less than other services.

  • I received your email but would like to know more, including pricing.

    The package you received contained all the information you are looking for, however, if you are not able to view HTML the formatting is broken. If you are able to go back to the original email received and click on "View this email in your browser" (top right hand corner) it will open the correctly formatted document. Once open, you will see three button type options. Two buttons on the right side (What is an eCatalogue & Pricing Information) and one bar on the bottom of the page (Click to forward on). When you place your cursor over either choice you will see these boxes are live links. Click on either link to view more information.

  • Our printed catalogues are made up of several brochures and fact sheets. Do I need to put them into one document?

    No, we can merge several PDF files into one eCatalogue. You will be required to outline the order of your submitted information by preparing a table of contents or bookmarking each section.

  • We already have our catalogue posted virtually on our website, why do we need to post it on yours?

    This is great! You are in the forefront of replacing the paper catalogues and have already saved some trees. The advantage you will gain by subscribing to CaboodleLibrary's eCatalogue is simple: “exposure”. This tool is free to Specifiers of any discipline (Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers and General Contractors). Think of our “Virtual Library” as the standard paper library, even though you have an electronic version available on your own website. We believe the more “exposure” to more specifying professionals the better!

    Not to mention, new people enter the industry every year, how do they know about your products and your website? 

    Our eCatalogues are displayed in one platform (consistent) that supports all project choices instantly available to the entire project team. 

    A Google search for “exterior metal cladding” came back with 2,770,000 hits. Specifiers do not have the time to weed through and narrow the searches. This tool is a refined search engine that displays only the applicable product information being searched. (Also see above Q & A) 

  • What file format do you accept?

    PDF is the required format for our conversion to an eCatalogue. There may be additional charges if you require the assistance of BIBLIOTECA to convert your files to PDF.